What I Do.

I shoot things that matter to people. 

The things that they'll end up holding dear, passing down to their kids, or packing on every trip because they can't live without it. The things that make their lives better, morphs an empty space into a home. Their home. Things that will nourish their bodies from the inside out, things that will make them feel beautiful. The things they will eventually buy from your shop and take home to call their own. 

I shoot things that will eventually mean something to someone.

What I believe in.

Buy less, but buy better.

The things we choose to own, wear, and surround ourselves with says a lot about who we are. 

Yes, packaging matters. A lot. 

Beauty does not need to be sacrificed for function. 

Business does not have to be soulless.

Life is beautiful and tragic and should be celebrated regardless. 


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