I think my top three would be coconut water, lychee and then mango juice. I like to pretend I'm an expert salsa and bachata dancer (I'm totally not but it's great fun anyways) while getting my weekly fix of korean dramas. Sanjay Leela Bansali is a creative genius in my book --every movie he has ever laid his hands on is a visual masterpiece. Summers in New York are my favorite. I mostly get work done to my Chillstep or Yiruma playlist --but honestly, sometimes dancehall does the trick way better. I get crazy nostalgic when I hear 80's music, I don't know why (okay maybe being an 80's baby has something to do with it). I'm a Virgo through and through. I'll forever be thankful that my parents decided to settle down in Queens, NY because I don't think I'd be the salsa dancing, k-drama, bollywood music lover I am now if it weren't for that. Okay that's a total lie, I'd still find those things where ever I live but I love Queens nonetheless.  

Using beautiful imagery to connect the right brands to the right people. 

I created Art & Anthem to work with individuals who create with purpose and intention. I believe in buying less, but better. That there is a deep connection between self-awareness and the lifestyle we choose for ourselves. My hope is to work with brands that understand this, respect it and are mindful of it when creating for their customers. We can find bits of ourselves in the things we surround ourselves with in our daily lives. Our favorite cup that we drink tea from every morning, in the fragrance of rose wafting through the air from that perfume we purchased from that shop on the corner of Mulberry Street. Our favorite summer dress or trusty old backpack that's been with us on every adventure. Everything we own, use, or wear can tell a little bit of our story and I want to be a part of the process of connecting the right brands to the right people.