Acne: A Wonderful Side Effect of Thinking You Can Do All The Things With No Sleep


All through out high school I had pretty great skin. I didn’t know I had pretty great skin because it was so not a problem, I didn’t even think about it (ha! would that bite me in the ass later on). But there it was anyways, gracing me with it’s presence. As I descended into my 20s I discovered these funny little things called… pimples. I know, I know. Late bloomer. And I hate to say it, but I’m definitely a picker so that meant scarring. Anyways, things took an especially ugly turn last year because I was busy ignoring a proper sleeping schedule, eating at all hours of the night and definitely not watching what I put into my body. Pretty much, I just thought I was the indestructible Queen of NadeenaWorld and the Universe was not into it.

Enter, the most horriblest acne breakout ever. If you want a girl to snap out of the horrible stress inducing cycle of “I can do all the things during all the hours of the day while filling my body with junk, body be damned” mentality–give her a crazy bad case of acne. Works like a charm.


So. I made some lifestyle tweaks (soda and dairy be gone, damn you!), tried some new skincare products (didn’t do much) and the cycle of continuous acne finally cleared the way and I was left with clear, beautiful, glowing skin.

Hahaha. No. You’re cute.

I no longer had fresh “let me sit on top of your face and say hello to the rest of the world pimples,” but I definitely did have the old faithful “underground bumps” with a nice heaping of acne scarring on both cheeks which— I will admit was due to my own constant picking. (I can’t help it! It’s a compulsion!) Nevertheless I was relieved. My skin felt healthier and so did my body after the diet changes I had to make. Also, should be noted after I cut out the dairy and soda drinking the energy level took a boost too. Can’t complain.

So moving on, one sad winter day (as most Winter days are wont to be), I was sitting in my doctors office trying to figure out what was going on with my knees (yes, I’m just a creaky old woman in disguise) when on his way out of the office he paused. Looked at me. Simply said “mix some turmeric and yogurt and leave it on your skin for about 15 minutes then wash it off” and continued on his way. I’m kidding—he’s actually a very kind, gentlemanly old Indian fellow who is turning out to be the best doctor I’ve had thus far.

But yes, Turmeric! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m Indian for gods sake! We rub it on the skin of brides and grooms the day before their wedding and make them sleep in it (seriously, all over their body) just so they can wake up with clearer, brighter skin! Oh Nadeena. What a failure to your culture you are. So home I went and mixed my mask I did. Being the overachiever I am I left it on my face until it dried and then got a nice exfoliating scrub going with the hardened pieces as I washed it off. I did this for about 3x a week and what would you know.

The scars started to fade, my skin texture started to smoothen and my skin looked brighter.




Honestly, I felt so duped. It couldn’t be THAT easy, right? You’d think I didn’t want my skin to get better but I had spent so much time agonizing over which products to invest money in, reading reviews, wondering if it would do more harm than good. And this, this simple mask that I made with ingredients in my kitchen did more for my skin than anything I had purchased. I was so programmed to expect to pay a high price for quality, part of me didn’t want to take it seriously. But it continued to work.


  • 2 tbs yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp honey
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  1. Mix everything together in a small bowel.
  2. Use fingers to spread mix on face (either entire face or problem areas).
  3. Leave on for 15-20 mins.
  4. Wash off with warm water (I find that it comes off easier with warm water than cold, especially if it’s hard).
  5. Place remainder in small jar with cover (I use a baby food jar) and place in the fridge and use within the next 2 weeks.

I by no means think you have to create your mask with the same proportions–I honestly just eyeball and play with the measurements, but I wanted to give you a baseline to work with. While my doctor didn’t recommend honey, I knew it had positive effects on the skin so I wanted to give it a try. The less yogurt & honey you put in, the pastier the consistency will be. Inversely, put in more and the mixture will be more liquid. Play with it and find your zen. ^_^

Also, note that turmeric can stain your skin with a light yellow undertone (and definitely clothes) but washing your face afterwards with a gentle cleanser should fix that, no problem. Or maybe try it on a day you plan on using an exfoliating scrub. I usually do this right before I hit the shower–who says you can’t streamline skincare? 

If you’re not sure if you’re allergic to honey I’d suggest keeping that ingredient out or testing a teensy tiny portion of your skin (like leg or somewhere not obvious). I really hope this helps at least one person as much as it helped me. Even if you don’t do it every week, it’s a good tool to have in your skincare arsenal. 

Until next time,


PS. If anyone else is suffering from severely chapped lips that Vaseline & Burts Bees can’t fix try putting honey on your lips and letting it sit there for a bit. I did that while typing this up and definitely helped better than applying Burts Bees chapstick every 5 mins. 




  • Dayna

    Sitting here writing my to-do list… At the top now reads 1) Get more sleep 2) Buy turmeric (and lots of it!)… Thanks for sharing, Nadeena! Love it.

    • hahah you’re welcome! It works great as a spot treatment too if you don’t wanna rub it all ova yo face 🙂

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