You've crafted a product or service that you're proud of.  You want your imagery to serve a greater purpose than just to look pretty--you want it to serve as a lighthouse, purposefully guiding your ideal clients straight to you.  

how to know we’re a good fit

  • you're ready to have imagery that was created specifically with your brand and target market in mind
  • you don't want to be a conveyor belt client but rather work with someone who is invested in seeing your business succeed. 
  • you know there's more to good imagery than just something that looks pretty. 
  • you've seen how beneficial visual marketing is for larger companies and you want to harness that for yourself. 

 "I needed product photography desperately but I really didn’t want generic photos of the products on a plain white background. I wanted something with a lot more character and charm but it was impossible to do it myself.  I had already seen your work so I had no doubt you would kill it. HOWEVER, I can ramble on and be a total spaz so after our initial meeting I left being like “errr I hope she got all that!” because I think I threw five million things at you all at once. You did such a great job though of navigating through all those thoughts and ideas I discussed and making sense out of them. I would say that you’re great at really nailing a theme, without it coming across as forced. The pictures are obviously styled but they look effortless, and that’s exactly what I wanted." 


How I can help you


You need images that can showcase your product in the best light, images that communicate the message behind your brand and attract the exact person you were thinking of when creating not only your product but also your brand. Each image will be individually styled with with props hand-picked for your brand. 

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You understand how important it is to have original imagery to market your brand or product on social media channels, espeically being that you're a digital brand. You're ready to outsource image creation and curation on a monthly basis knowing that will take a load off of your plate and give you more time to focus on other areas of your business knowing this is taken care of. 

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You probably fall into one of these two categories: You're a either a service based businesses or you need lifestyle oriented headshots for your website, social media, and/or blog. You know that you want to stand out from your peers and the best way to do that instantly on a digital platform is to highlight your differences with imagery that stands apart. 

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"Omg. THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE. These photos are everything and more Nadeena. I never could have even imagined. I'm getting all the feels and emotions right now, Nadeena! YOU ARE A GODDESS! Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE them, Nadeena. I totally get this feeling of "new life" your clients get because I feel it. It's like a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief and  a summersault in my stomach kind of excitement and tears rushing to my eyes happiness. All the feels. I don't even have the words I need to express to you how thankful I am for your work. THANK YOU."

-devan danielle, brand strategist & educator  

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